Dependency Inversion Principle

Covers Dependency Injection, Service Location, TDD & Mocking (how they play together nicely), Auto-mocking, IOC tools and a little best practice.

Great Software Design Slides

Slides from a talk about Great Software Design. Takes in SOLID, Design Patterns, Anti-Patterns and Tips.

The Best GTD App

The best GTD app is revealed with a roundup up of some of the best GTD apps for Android and Mac, following their in depth reviews.

GTD App Review - Conqu

Conqu is a good looking GTD specific app for a host of platforms. With a decent feature set, clearly and simply laid out.

GTD App Review - Nozbe

Nozbe's new Mac app is a well thought out GTD specific app, that has some great integration with other popular services like Dropbox and Evernote.

Backbone on the Couch

A simple Backbone.js plugin for use in leanback apps, where someone is sat on the couch using a remote control to use your app.

Introducing XKCD Couch

An app for lounging on your couch, with your remote control, flicking through XCKD comics on your TV.

Santander Login Translations

Santanders online banking login makes me think every time I use it. Some handy translations for logging in.

GTD App Review - Producteev

A beautifully designed task list app, that's a pure joy to use. You can't help but feel that every little piece has been well thought out and designed.

GTD App Review - Astrid

Popular task list app for Android, that is easy to use and comes with a host of syncing options.

GTD App Review - Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a beautiful looking free app that is unbelievably simple to use. Providing that same experience across all the major platforms and devices.

GTD App Review - is a fantastic multi-platform free service, designed specifically for GTD. It has a pleasant simplicity about it, that looks great and makes it easy to use.

GTD App Review - Toodledo

Toodledo is an extremely feature rich web app but unfortunately this is also its falldown. The UI is complicated and not pleasant to use.

GTD App Review - Due Today

Great looking app, that is easy to navigate and manage tasks on a small screen. Highly configurable.

GTD App Review - Who and What

A review of 10 GTD apps for PC and mobile. Shortlisted for offline access, speed, multi-device and beauty.

Essential Wordpress Setup

The essential guide to setting up a blog or CMS with Wordpress. Ensuring I and my visitors get the best experience.

Personal Kanban

What else is a programmer/geek to do when he's just moved house and a new baby is on its way? It's Personal Kanban time.

BDD Talk

Slides from a talk I gave about what is Behaviour Driven Design (BDD)

CouchDB. It's too easy

CouchDB is very easy to install and the UX is fantastic. It's not what you expect from a highly scalable data store!