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Tom Philip, product focused developer and much more

Dependency Inversion Principle

Covers Dependency Injection, Service Location, TDD & Mocking (how they play together nicely), Auto-mocking, IOC tools and a little best practice.

Great Software Design Slides

Slides from a talk about Great Software Design. Takes in SOLID, Design Patterns, Anti-Patterns and Tips.

The Best GTD App

The best GTD app is revealed with a roundup up of some of the best GTD apps for Android and Mac, following their in depth reviews.

GTD App Review - Conqu

Conqu is a good looking GTD specific app for a host of platforms. With a decent feature set, clearly and simply laid out.

GTD App Review - Nozbe

Nozbe's new Mac app is a well thought out GTD specific app, that has some great integration with other popular services like Dropbox and Evernote.

Backbone on the Couch

A simple Backbone.js plugin for use in leanback apps, where someone is sat on the couch using a remote control to use your app.