Wunderlist is a beautiful looking free app that is unbelievably simple to use. Providing that same experience across all the major platforms and devices. There’s no need to re-learn or adapt for which platform you’re on.

It lacks some GTD-esque features but what it does with the features it has, it does very well. It has a lot of potential for a GTD system, should they take note of the top most requested features. It also looks like Wunderkit, a kind of Wunderlist Pro, is just round the corner which looks like it could be the real GTD deal. Looking forward to seeing that (hint hint).

One little thing I did notice that stood out above all Android apps I use (non task management apps included) is the lack of add button next to where you add a task (No matter what app you use to add something, there’s an add button next to it). You simply tap ‘done’ on the keyboard and the task gets added. It’s a nice little touch, as your fingers are already on the keyboard.

If you’ve tried the Android app before and had a terrible time of it, they have released a native Android which is quicker and reliable.

How it Scored

This is how it scored against the criteria for a great GTD app.

Criteria Result
Quick add Yes. Into any list incl an Inbox.
Projects/Sub-tasks Yes. Lists.
Contexts/tags No
Order tasks Yes
Notes Yes
Highlight/star Yes
Search Yes
Deadline Yes
Reminder No (Yes - on Android)
Recurring tasks No
Sync with Google Calendar No
User Experience 5/5


It doesn’t do anything badly, it just lacks some of the features required for a good GTD system. Besides the shortage of features there’s little wrong with this app. With the features it has, it performs them with beauty and ease.


You can set reminders on the Android version but not the Mac or Web versions.

The sync button/notification can often says it’s  failed (goes red) but then syncs again and all is OK (goes green).

Useful Extras

How it Looks



Available on Mac, Android, Windows, iPad, iPhone and Linux.


There’s a comprehensive support area and you can vote for and request new features .


Free for all platforms.