Toodledo is an extremely feature rich web app but unfortunately this is also its falldown. The UI is complicated and not pleasant to use. However it is very reasonably priced.

This large number of features does have a silver lining. Toodledo allows third-party developers to create apps using its API. Apps can be created which aren’t constrained by lack of meta-data about a task or features. The apps can then provide a simplified pleasant UI. This has already happened with Due Today and TODO for Mac . Both have a great user experience. With over third-party 50 apps, there’s already plenty of choice.

How it Scored

This is how it scored against the criteria for a great GTD app .

Criteria Result
Quick add Yes. But there’s no inbox
Projects/Sub-tasks Yes. Folders and sub-tasks. Sub-tasks in Pro.
Contexts/tags Yes, both.
Order tasks No
Notes Yes
Highlight/star Yes
Search Yes
Deadline Yes
Reminder Yes
Recurring tasks Yes
Sync with Google Calendar Yes
User Experience 0/5


The poor user experience. It’s trying to be something to everybody, which is making it difficult to use. There’s very little that is good about the UI. It’s busy, lacks contrast, cramped, small, confusing, inconsistent, baffling. I’ll stop there, you can probably guess I don’t like it.

There’s no task count to show how many tasks are in a folder/list. UPDATE mhm08 (from GTD forum) pointed out that this a setting you need to turn on.

Lack of drag and drop, means organising tasks is done by editing each one individually.


The UI.

Useful Extras

How it Looks

Main Screen
Main Screen
Expanded Tasks
Expanded Tasks
Manage Folders
Manage Folders


Web, iPhone/iPad and over 50 third-party apps.


There is a forum for discussions, questions, and tips where the developer is active.


Free, $14.95/year pro and $29.95/year pro plus. Comparison of features between the prices plans.