Producteev for Mac is a beautifully designed task list app, that’s a pure joy to use. You can’t help but feel that every little piece has been well thought out and designed. It uses contrast and colour to good effect, adding to its looks and helping the user to interact with and visualise tasks.

Adding new tasks is easy. Called up with a hotkey from within any app. It allows extra options (labelling, deadlines, starring etc) to be set too without it being an unwieldy dialog.

Task organisation is easy too, by clicking on the obvious icons to pop-up simple focused dialogs for each property of a task you wish to set (see Setting a Deadline screenshot).

Astrid would be the Android client in this trusted system but if their soon to be released Android app is anywhere as good as its Mac app, then I can’t wait to see that.

How it Scored

This is how it scored against the criteria for a great GTD app.

Criteria Result
Quick add

Yes. There’s an inbox but I think tasks that people asign to you land in here.

Projects/Sub-tasks Yes, labels
Contexts/tags No
Order tasks No
Notes Yes, multiple notes
Highlight/star Yes, importance stars 1-5
Search Yes
Deadline Yes
Reminder Yes
Recurring tasks Yes
Sync with Google Calendar Yes
User Experience 5/5

I put no for contexts/tags but you can assign multiple labels to task, so labels could be used for both projects and contexts. Not as nice as separate but a workaround. Another approach is to use Workspaces as projects and labels as contexts. The problem with this is labels belong to a workspace, so it wouldn’t be possible to see all tasks for a certain context. Also Google Calendar integration is per workspace, so for each workspace you’d get a separate calendar and need to connect this to Google.   I’d be interested to here from anyone who’s using/tried either approach and the pros/cons of each.


Labels not having the option to span Workspaces.

Having to manually connect each workspace to Google Calendar, thus creating a calendar in Google Calendar per workspace.


After 5 labels, you need to expand to see the rest of them (see ‘Moving House’ in the Main Screen screenshot). Shame it just doesn’t show them all or allow you to choose how many to show, there’s space.

Update 12/9/2012 - You can actually manually order the lists, by dragging and dropping them into the top half (above the more). So this puzzler goes away.

Dock badges just seem to be for tasks that you’ve assigned to others or have has assigned to you (I didn’t get to verify this with someone, so this is I’m assuming where dock badges come in). I was expecting to get badges for overdue tasks.

Useful Extras

How it Looks

Main Screen
Main Screen
Empty Workspace
Empty Workspace
Task Entry
Task Entry
Setting a Deadline
Setting a Deadline
Multiple Notes
Multiple Notes


Web, iPhone, Mac and Windows (coming soon).


They have a good support setup and are listening to customers, with a support site and feedback forum.


Free for up to 2 users in any Workspace plus 100MB limit. Unlimited Workspaces. Then tiered pricing for more users, storage and others.