Astrid is popular task list app for Android, that is easy to use and comes with a host of syncing options. Incredibly simple and straight forward to use with a pleasant clean UI.

It stands out from other task list apps, with some unique features such as backups, random notifications for overdue tasks and encouragements.

Used with Producteev syncing, means I can use the Producteev Mac app as the desktop client for my GTD system. That review is coming soon.

How it Scored

This is how it scored against the criteria for a great GTD app .

Criteria Result
Quick add Yes. But it has no inbox
Projects/Sub-tasks Yes, lists.
Contexts/tags No
Order tasks No
Notes Yes
Highlight/star Yes. Importance stars 1-5
Search Yes
Deadline Yes
Reminder Yes
Recurring tasks Yes
Sync with Google Calendar

Kind of. You can add a calendar entry that is connected to the task

User Experience 4/5


It’s an impressive app but the lack of GTD specific folders and contexts/tags, means it loses out to those that have them. They of course can be replicated with lists (tasks can belong to more than one list).

You can’t add a task from the lists home page and you can’t set the lists page as your home screen.

You can’t remove or customise the default filters. Like ‘Recently Modified’ which doesn’t feel like a useful filter.


Nothing puzzling, just a straight forward task list app.

Useful Extras

How it Looks

Active Tasks
Active Tasks


Android, iPhone (new) and Web.


They have a feedback forum where employees are active. I’ve been using the Android app for a long time, as an ‘on the go inbox’ and they are always improving the app.


Free for all platforms.