An app for lounging on your couch, with your remote control, flicking through XCKD comics on your TV.

Available now, for use right in your browser at

Designed for the big screen and a remote. Use you left and right arrow keys on your remote/keyboard to navigate through the comics. Use the select/enter/space type key reveal the good old ‘alt’ text.


A bit about the technology behind it. It’a single page HTML5 app that uses Backbone.js as it’s underlying framework, that was tested with the BDD framework Jasmine and mocking library Sinon.js. Early parts of this app appeared in my previous post on Testing Backbone.js with Jasmine and Sinon.js. It also spawned a Backbone plugin called Backbone on the Couch, which allows you to easily bind to remote control d-pad events (left, right, up, down etc).

Works on modern browers and maybe even some of the older ones. It’s also part of a html5 app for Boxee.

Enjoy :) and I welcome your feedback.