Giving CouchDB a spin was an experience that was way too easy. The hardest part installing CouchDB was probably unzipping the files. This is how it went on Windows PC:

  1. Download from here:
  2. Unzip the files
  3. Run bin\couchdb.bat from the unzipped location
  4. There isn’t one, that’s it

I then pointed my browser at and I got this, CouchDBs admin, Futon.

Futon admin dashboard Screenshot

The Futon UX was a dream. It’s slick, every action is simple, you’re never lost, it looks great and is sprinked with a little humour (check out the ‘Admin Party’). It even comes with it own set of smoke tests, that you can run with ease from within Futon with a simple click. How cool is that.

And then once you use it, it couldn’t be simpler. A RESTful JSON api over http.

First impressions are important and CouchDB has left a great one. It’s still early days but may the love affair blossom.