These are my significant interests. The ones that have changed the way I think and work, for the better I hope.


This has probably had the most significant impact on my life (besides the kids!). I used to be very forgetful, not your average forgetful, I’m forget your Mums birthday forgetful (twice running, ouch!). So when I discovered GTD back in 2007, it changed my life. Now I’m anal about capturing everything, nothing escapes the system. My mind is like water, my tasks are in a trusted system, not my sieve head. I’d be lost without it and now I never forget (well *I do* but my system doesn’t).

I set out on a quest to find the perfect GTD app to be my trusted system. I wrote a series of posts reviewing GTD apps with great UXs.


I struggled with TDD at first. The notion of testing something that isn’t there didn’t make sense. It made sense as a design tool, as documentation and as a suite of tests. Plus the benefits were clear. I persevered, but it’s hard when your brain is hard wired to think the opposite. Then I discovered BDD. The idea of describing a feature (in code, like a test) and then writing the feature, makes complete sense. Just that change of language and perspective, from a test oriented language to a business domain language to describe features (from the outside to the inside), everything became clearer. Now I don’t write tests ;)

Later on I realised that BDD is much more than TDD done right, it is all about communication.

The following are my interests too, I’ve just not got round to writing them up yet. More to come.