GTD App Review -

Doit-im is a fantastic multi-platform free service, designed specifically for GTD. It has a pleasant simplicity about it, that looks great and makes it easy to use.

Because it is made for GTD, it isn’t bloated with features and focuses on the key principles of GTD. It has GTD specific lists (Eg someday, next, waiting for etc), filters which make sense (eg contexts, projects etc) and an ever present ‘Create Task’ button for collecting those thoughts. All of which help you through the GTD process.

How it Scored

This is how it scored against the criteria for a great GTD app.

Criteria Result
Quick add Yes. Into inbox or you can change when adding.
Projects/Sub-tasks Yes, projects.
Contexts/tags Yes, both.
Order tasks No
Notes Yes
Highlight/star Yes. Starred tasks go into special ‘Today’ folder
Search Yes
Deadline Yes
Reminder Yes
Recurring tasks Yes
Sync with Google Calendar Yes
User Experience 4/5


From the web app, it’s quite often slow to perform tasks.

The Mini app for Mac, is in need of an update. Key functionality is missing (see puzzling) and missing also are tags, contexts, priorities, recurrences and a project view.

Because of the layout (in web app) I can’t ‘sit’ in the inbox and organise tasks into projects via drag and drop.

Shame it only has task counts for some of its lists (Inbox and Today) and not the others.


The mini app is totally unaware of the statues of Tomorrow, Next and Waiting For. Setting a task to any of these doesn’t sync that change to the mini app therefore showing the task to have the wrong status. Any tasks added with these statuses don’t even show up in the mini app after a sync, not that there is a way to see a view of these lists anyway.

Useful Extras

  • Projects or special lists can be set as the first screen to open when the app starts up (Android).
  • Calendar and list widgets (Android).
  • Assign tasks to other people.
  • Special lists specific to GTD, such as Next, Scheduled, Waiting for, Someday
  • Smart add, so you can add tasks with details. Eg Buy Flour  #Bake a cake ^Someday, would put task into ‘Bake a cake’ project and classify as ‘someday maybe’.
  • You can create your own filters, based on an extensive criteria and add these to the menu underneath the special lists.
  • Global hot key to bring up new task box (Mac Mini).

How it Looks

Web – Task List
Web – Contexts
Web – Projects
Web – Add Task
Web – Calendar
Web – Filter
Android – Home
Android – Task List
Android – Edit Task
Mac – Task List
Mac – Add Task
Mac – Smart Task


    Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Windows and Web.


    There’s a support forum for features requests and bugs. Although many requests and bug reports seem to go unanswered by the company.


    Free for all platforms, except the Mac mini app which is only £0.69.

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